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Delta Hydrofoil

Delta Hydrofoil R-Frame Mast

Delta Hydrofoil R-Frame Mast

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R Frame- Connecting you to the front wing

The R Frame consolidates the top plate, strut (mast) and the front of the fuselage into a single carbon fiber part. This eliminates the strut to plate joint as well as the strut to fuselage joint and results and an extremely stiff connection between the board the front wing. The rear of the fuselage is detachable so the system packs down easily for travel.

In the world of hydrofoils, Rigidity equals performance. The Delta R frame is born out of the need to maximize the rigidity of the structure while maintaining the versatility that Delta is known for. Seamless transitions at all of the load points allow for a solid structure, while the additional fuselage connection allows for various lengths and a compact design. The R frame is a true extension of the rider.
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