About Tarpon Kiteboarding Adventures

Welcome to Tarpon Kiteboarding Adventures (TKA). We are excited about the

opportunity to work with you in your quest to learn and advance in one of the fastest growing watersports on the planet. Here at TKA, we take care to make the

process as fun and safe as possible so everyone gets to where they want to be in the shortest time possible…..experiencing the thrill and freedom of becoming a self-sufficient kiteboarder.

Taropn Kiteboarding Adventures

My name is Wes Stevens and I have been kiteboarding for over 15 years and I get just as excited to be on the water as when I first began. Kiteboarding is fun, an excellent workout and has led to me traveling around the US and Caribbean in

search of new spots to visit and explore. I look forward to introducing you to a sport that will change you for the better and open the doors to new adventures and experiences.

However, we understand that money doesn’t grow on trees. That is why we will strive to progress as fast as possible to get you through the learning process so you have to invest as little as possible. We are able to offer more affordable lessons because we do not have added overhead that comes with shop space and over-staffing. We will not be trying to “up-sale” you by pushing equipment purchases. However, we will be glad to offer our opinion on kite brands for when you are ready to purchase.

While we will help you progress as fast as possible, please understand that your safety and the safety of everyone around you will be the first and foremost priority. This could require more than the standard five lesson set depending on your progression.

Safety topics will be covered during every lesson. We at TKA believe it is every kiter’s responsibility to follow general safety guidelines whether you are on the beach setting up or out on the water. We all have a responsibility to advance the sport and keep it in good standings with local governments/jurisdictions while enjoying our time on the water. We believe this enough to say, that while we would greatly appreciate you scheduling lessons with TKA, the most important act you can take to ensure your safety and the safety of others is to take lessons from a qualified source.

Warning — We at TKA accept no responsibility for how kiteboarding will take-over your life. You will most likely be prone to increased sensitivity to weather patterns, forecasts, looking out windows to see if the trees are moving and maybe even cancelling plans to instead go kiting . Kidding of course but it is true to a certain extent.

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