What is E-Foiling? 

An E-foil takes the inflatable wing & hydro-foil board concept and replaces the wing with rechargeable battery power to propel the user using an integral propeller system. The board flies above the water’s surface due to the hydro-foil, which creates lift basically following the same process as an airplane wing. The user has ultimate control over the propulsion and speed via a Bluetooth-linked remote control attached to the wrist.

Check out our Lesson Packages below to learn more about getting started.

TKA is also an authorized dealer for Waydoo so once you are done with your lesson or are simply looking to purchase, we can help you with your complete E-Foil package purchase. Our sales page is in progress but you can contact us directly via the CONTACT page to schedule a lesson and for purchase inquiries.

  • Single Private Lesson

    Single lessons provide one-on-one instruction so you progress faster

    $275 per 2 Hours (or 1 battery life)

  • Group Lesson (2 Boards)

    Group lessons allow for increased enjoyment while learning and provide cost savings for each student

    $500 per 2 Hours Total (or 2 battery lives)

Lesson Curriculum & General Items:

– The first 30 to 45 minutes is spent going over foiling basics, gear and safety. This includes body/feet position, remote control use and steps for progressing from a prone position, to knees and finally to standing on the board, all simulated while on dry ground.

– The remaining time is spent on the water actually progressing through the above steps.

–  A TKA coach will provide jet ski assistance to add increased support while being able to speak and coach to the student via wireless communications provided by TKA. This will allow for instant, more clear feedback and therefore faster progression. We also have the ability to use a board stabilizer to increase board buoyancy and stability if needed.

Prerequisites & Guidelines:

– All students are required to sign a waiver prior to submitting deposit. Deposit amounts are $50 for single & $100 for group. See cancelation policies under KITEBOARDING LESSONS. 

– All students must be able to swim.

– Weight limit is 220 lbs (this is per Waydoo guidelines and for warranty purposes).

– All students must wear a helmet, life jacket/impact vest & foot protection/water shoes. Helmet & life jacket/impact vest provided by TKA.

– Please be advised that lessons can be impacted by weather and tides. TKA will always strive to be respectful of people’s time and schedules. Therefore, we will advise if either one of these will negatively impact the scheduled lesson and we reserve the right to cancel and/or delay the lesson if deemed appropriate. See cancelation policies under KITEBOARDING LESSONS for full details.